About Mother Earth Gardens & Design Inc.

My name is Marian Volkman and I am the owner of Mother Earth Gardens & Design Inc. We are a small business and work primarily in the Tri-city, Maple Ridge and Langley area with my office located in Port Coquitlam. I started this business 15 years ago, after the company I worked for was restructured and relocated to another province. At that time, I decided to use the opportunity to follow my passion for landscape and design. I am known as the “garden lady” in my circle of friends and I find gardening therapeutic and satisfying. I am a Master Gardener who holds a diploma in landscape design through Anna Gresham’s Design school and I have also acquired a diploma for Residential Landscape Technician. Additionally, I have certifications for Organic Master Gardener, ISA Certified Arborist, Growing Food in the City, and Fruit tree care.

A big part of the way I handle my business is due to my strong belief in working with nature in a chemical and pesticide free landscape. I grew up on a farm in Ontario where at that time it was common place to use chemicals to enhance plant growth, suppress weeds and control pests. I believe this had a huge impact on family health as cancer has affected my family greatly. I believe that the chemicals used and the effect on the environment that we lived in contributed largely to this.

I use integrated pest management which utilizes common sense practices, with a scientific based approach to managing insects, disease, weeds and other pests of landscapes. It is a decision-making process that begins with prevention by monitoring for issues found in the landscape. With accurate diagnosis of the plant pest or plant problem I then determine the actual or potential economic and or aesthetic damage. If control is needed, I select strategies that are economically feasible, sustainably acceptable, effective, and time them properly to suppress the damage. My services also include general maintenance of landscapes including pruning, weeding, planting, fall and spring cleanup, mowing lawns and monthly maintenance. I provide consultation services including design suggestions for your landscape, identifying plants or maintenance questions regarding your landscape.

My other passion is designing landscapes, containers and theme gardens; for example, scented, rose, colour, butterfly and hummingbird gardens, yet the themes are limitless. Using the principles of design I create innovative designs using the customer’s vision for functional and ascetically appealing landscapes. I create your paradise whether it is in your landscape, your apartment balcony or as a beautiful group planting in designer pots. Every garden site is different and every idea of paradise is unique. Regardless of the vision there is always a special plan for you.